Cape Farewell’s SHORTCOURSE / UK is a series of short, rural and urban expeditions that brings emerging art and design students into dialogue with scientists and leading scientific research in order to stimulate a creative response.

Created by Cape Farewell together with three of the UK’s top art schools University College Falmouth, John Moore’s in Liverpool, and University of Arts London colleges Chelsea Camberwell and Wimbledon (CCW), over the course of three years, 2010 to 2013, three SHOURTCOURSE/UK expeditions have acted as platforms for learning, collaboration, and making.

The project aims to influence arts-based research methods and learning practices across UK universities by encouraging a positive engagement with local landscape and the human and environmental processes that shape it. The landscapes students travel through become context for discussion and investigation where conventional understandings of land, water, and of tangible reality are upturned and interrogated.

As the dust settles following each journey, images, sounds, and artefacts appear as visceral responses to this experience, eventually reaching a wider audience in a clear, concise representation of people and place.

This is a Cape Farewell project. It is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.