Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, Joshua Flatt (2011)


SHORTCOURSE / UK was born out of conversations concerning the state of UK art schools, their future, and the position of ecology and environment in the education of artists and designers. Though the habit of discussing new models for art education with recourse to these terms is hardly new or remarkable, the way in which we were applying them was: metaphors abounded of earth and dirt, air and breath, of water, depth and darkness. These were soon supplanted with ones of arsenic, gunpowder, pollen, plastic, fish, the fume of flowers and the dirge of birdsong. Suddenly physical location became essential to how we would continue these discussions — somewhere where teaching and learning would have their twin genesis in place and environment.

SHORTCOURSE / UK offers universities a unique experience for their students, immersing them in the subject of climate change in environments that challenges students to take their learning outside the studios, seminar rooms, and lecture theatres. Every expedition is tailor-made to the local landscape that bounds each host university. At each leg of the expedition, students are joined by a number of specially invited scientists, writers, and thinkers. Together with tutors from the host university, they form a formidable teaching staff enriching the backdrop of the locations we encounter.