Starling Noise (2012) by John Fanshawe, b&w inkjet print


April 2012
The Eden Project
St Austell

HEVVA! HEVVA! showcases artwork by 20 emerging artists and designers from across University College Falmouth (UCF). This exhibition represents their creative response to the series of short, rural expeditions made round the landscapes of Cornwall as part of Cape Farewell’s SHORTCOURSE/UK.

The title, HEVVA! HEVVA!, encapsulates the spirit of the journey the party made over those three intense days in an attempt to engage with and realise the localised effects of climate change through a series of discursive and interactive processes. The Cornish word ‘hevva’ recalls the roar once heard from the cliffs of Cornwall where a ‘huer’ on spotting a shoal of pilchards bluing the sea would call loudly to the fishermen.

An exclamation, a halloo from way off, but too a premonitory warning cry, HEVVA! HEVVA! frames a collection of artworks, text and performance, which in chorus looks to communicate an urgent message.